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   Winner Equipment >> The latest US imports Texas tables and shuffling machine combo
产品名称: The latest US imports Texas tables and shuffling machine combo
产品类别: Winner Equipment
   产 品 说 明

The latest US imports Texas tables and shuffling machine combo
Texas Hold'em tables inlaid within the shuffling machine.
Supply of imported fiber shuffler, Winner dealer boots, Leo contat :020-8654-9500 Tel:17702084919
Leo Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a genuine factory in Guangzhou, the country's has first-hand

sources of supply, I always stick with the product of the most elite and most complete

varieties, development, production, combat in one of modern entertainment. We independently

developed a variety of useful products started! Climax latest nationwide one-man operation.
Texas single stand-alone products such as mobile phones the size of the volume, did not know

the outcome of the licensing can give yourself to get the largest share of the license; any

venue, not pre-installed, without space restrictions! How to wash down any others and had a

license, you can instantly know the accuracy of each card suit and points, but also the door

of life and death can be measured; accuracy rate of 100% . silent, people are very hard;

users do not want any basis, the use of this products can be controlled points of each card,

the size, can control what winning or losing kill the door, kill! This product uses the

world's smallest, clear analysis of the highest (Japanese original ultra-miniature camera,

report card ultrafast) (a variety of custom single scan lens) hidden inside the clothes cuff

people playing, stealth portable, portable, desktop on hold anything, no limit at any place

or using any card! Even very smart player can not see the flaws, this product is accurate!

Simple, easy to use, everyone will use all play for the country, and all can be customized

according to customer requirements for special programs
Large range of breakthrough hit single operation 8

The real lens with a wide range of analysis before and after an accurate analysis of poker distance error of up to 13 centimeters
Without any requirements for light, reflective, light, sun, 100% accurate analysis
Both old and new poker, curved ramp Alice did not affect the accuracy
Real fool-operation, the lens without any requirements
A variety of play integration, greatly reducing the cost of purchased goods
Play a variety of functions easy to understand
Easy to operate security feature password settings

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