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Texas Hold'em Tips - 3 Tips to keep awake
发布者:Leo Holdem Poker  发布时间:2013/5/13 18:57:40  阅读:21819

Texas Hold'em is easy exciting and frustrating game. Maintain a consistent state is impossible, even the best players are inevitably two steps forward three steps back, then half again before further. When they are almost no progress, they also want to know why feel so exhausted.

As I write this article, I quit coincided with the 10th anniversary of the job. My thanks to his success in this poker world has been a full 10 years. Over the years, I've been looking at this crucial moment of the game is easy to stay awake crazy tricks. Today, I would like to share three tips.

First, when you think of the end, it is the end of it

Each time you play poker session, had an idea sometimes got into your head, "Maybe I should have ended the game today."

Now I basically all follow this idea. I will not finish the game to try to continue, but directly over.

When I start a session, I will be very eager to play. I would be very focused, and can feel a spark of excitement to the game when initially attracted me. But as the session progresses, this spark gradually subsided, I gradually adapt. This is a normal rule, I will play the best poker at a relatively stable emotional focus.

Then, usually sudden, I'll mental breakdown. I'm tired. This may be because I inattentive, or because I do not smooth in the table and in life, in short, these negative things swept me. Then my consciousness a voice screaming, "Maybe today to hit it right."

In the past I often ignore the voice. "I can finish, I can just concentrate on stick." Then I noticed that after I basically get the idea of what a good result. I could not keep their own data. Although this is a guess, but I think if I had been, and forced himself to ignore it, my life will be the losers.

The feeling is indeed the case. In my memory, I forced myself to finish and get a good result in the number of very few.

So my advice to students is that once you think you want to end, it would be the end of it. Unless you are in order to survive, you must spend a few hours to let yourself go crazy, or you have to end the game at any time freedom. Take advantage of this right.

I do not care whether they are just playing for half an hour, no matter what you end it. I do not care if you open a 90-minute drive to another state game. The end of it. If you all day is not over the idea, you can take the message out. Tear down the chips and then cashed it. Go have a beer, watch halftime game. After that maybe you can start again.

But fundamentally speaking, when you have the idea of the end of time, do it immediately. This will save a lot of grief for you.

Second, ignoring the results of the session

I know this is hard, but if you can do it, you can keep in poker more awake. Please ignore the results of their session bar.

I would like to express what does that mean?

"My God, I just won $ 130 today. I'll lose all gambled hand."

"I can draw revenue. I will soon be able to reach. I'm just lucky."

"Damn, I started to win $ 800, and now the whole gambled, but also loss of $ 100."

All these types of ideas are hundred percent, without exception, will be counterproductive.

You are just noise in the result of any session. There is no information. On this day the balance of payments is not the magic number. You are not important at the end of the day above or below the break-even line, is not important how much money you lose when this day peak. You have to win back the money lost half can not determine whether you should continue the

Is totally meaningless, no.

Thinking these are counterproductive, because these ideas can change a person's style of play. When this day a little profit, they will play more conservative, when you win or lose too much playing time will be too reckless. In this case, no one can play better, because they are thinking about today's win or lose much.

So do not think about this problem. Here is my suggestion. All with a fixed amount of money every day to the poker room. Suppose you are playing $ 2- $ 5 game, then you can with $ 20 in his pocket. In the session started, all the cash into chips, bought with money beyond the first black chips.

If you lost $ 100 out of pocket a black chips on the table. If you prefer to let the chips harder to count, you can replace a smaller denomination chips.

If you've been like this add chips, twelve hours later you will understand that they are a profit or a loss. How many times you re-buy chips? You'll think about it.

But do not think about. Your profit or loss is it? You re buying a couple of times, but you've just won a big pot. You win a $ 100 or $ 500? When you do not take this into account when you can not know about the number of times their purchase, but it does not matter, do not worry.

Then at the end of the session, etc., the chips cashed, then count the number of the last. Because you know how much money a start, so you know the outcome of this game. You can put the result recorded.

Then you can forget it. Because this figure is just noise, and show that you can not play good or bad play.

Third, go home with a hand

At the end of a session, write down what you played the hand. Most people will choose to lose their biggest pot, but I do not recommend this hand. Instead, choose you hit a good hand, let the pot bet your opponent to fold. Or select an opponent rather weak pot, but you let him hit you with a showdown, finally lost.

This hand to take home. Systems thinking is this hand, think it's every aspect, write down your estimate of the opponent's hand range. Rethink what you do every play. Should you take a different style of play it? Or you played well, but was not effective?

What is the purpose of this exercise is it? Is to make you play better. You play back your own hand, and a thorough analysis, until you fully understand their fight is right or wrong.

If you are doing every session, you will be better. This is the most important, right? As long as you get better, and win or lose in poker are worth it. You will play better tomorrow than today. Better to focus on, ignoring win and lose it, then you will be able to keep awake.

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