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Texas poker force range and win rate (one)
发布者:Leo Holdem Poker  发布时间:2013/5/16 14:17:53  阅读:87372

Texas Hold'em is very important point is inferred to get your opponent in the end what kind of card. We call this force range inferred player's cards. Every time you play, and you will use your unconscious reasoning ability to predict the opponent in the end got what brand.

For example, when you get a hand pretty good card, you are in the flop, turn and river bet, you think your hand than your opponent's hand strength worse. When you hit a license for less than what you were continuous bet, then raise, then you would infer better than the opponent's force your hand strength. This is just a simple example, but it illustrates that you are usually in some way determine the opponent's force.

To really play good cards, you need to continue to go in the end to get the opponent to infer what kind of card. Here I want to mention the poker game one of the most important concepts: inferred opponent's force range, according to the information has been obtained to choose the best play. Is this. This is one of the main success, particularly in deep stakes games.

Before the flop you should start normally presumed opponent's force range, and then adjust their style of play and estimates based on its brand strength continues to get more information about you.

Also you have to observe your opponent is in what position raise, or call into lame. If we are facing a tight school player statistics preflop it is 16/14, he was raised in the UTG position, then his hands certainly a good hand. If we are faced with a loose faction player statistics preflop it is 22/18, he raised the Button bits, then his cards very broad power range.

Therefore, we take appropriate action based on the information we have received. For instance, in the above example, when a player in a tight faction raised from UTG, you are not going to continue to play cards like AJ's flush. You are certainly not unusual to spend such a license were reraise AQ. Why? Well, opponent's style is tight, even important than our brand. We know what filling should have a license in the UTG position, the opponent's cards wind so tight, he will even flush AT, unusual flowers KQ, 77, and 66 such cards cover off. AJ such as flush against the opponent's hand to be raised is not enough, so we can only choose to fold.

In loose faction player's case, we know that his conduct raises a lot of weak hands, so we can also be coupled with a weak note cards, like a flush 76 to steal the pot, avoid frequent stole our blinds.

Again, this is a pre-flop play, so we can easily determine what we should adopt strategies based on opponent's force range. But for every hand, we are against every player, in any case (from checked - raise the flop to river value bet) the idea is the same: to infer the opponent's cards force range, according to the information has been obtained to choose the best play.

Learn how to choose the best based on the scope of the licensing power play

This section can tell you there is just so much, you have to play through a variety of cards, in a variety of different situations against a wide range of players, in order to gain experience. The only way you can master this skill.

Sometimes good cards in your hand, but not the best, just like you hit a super pair are facing experienced opponents flop from a tricky raise. Opponent's force range is difficult to infer: he may be doing little tricks, it could be in with a good draw raises, or three or more is his ultra-right will we landed in a dead end. It looks like we like and there is no good choice, which to some extent is correct. Then in the end the choice to call, raise or fold there is a lot of controversy.

Nevertheless, the situation did not like how to make money much impact on you. How could this happen? Since each choice is so close, whether you are in this case call or fold, from a long talk will be in a neutral state. And we have money in the poker game, there are 90 percent that we can deduce the opponent's hand strength and range that we made the right choice (under those circumstances it is easy to make a choice).

In the top right (good kicker) were big bet against a tight player faction is usually a bad idea. In the long run you will pay for weight-bearing. Do the river to the top of the (good kicker) on a big fish (never fold) in the value of the bet is a great mistake, in the long run it makes you heavy losses.

Let us return to the idea I have been repeating: inferred opponent's force range, according to the information has been obtained to choose the best play. If you are playing every hand are constantly recall, you will find the best play. When a tight player faction with J ♣ 9 ♦ 6 ♥ flop like us, we turned over K ♦ J ♠, then we lose. We can speculate that the worst opponent's cards is A ♣ J ♦, but it is likely to have got the ultrasound or three. When we get is the same brand, but for us to raise the player is Fish (or crazy), we will not cover licensing. We speculate that the scope of his hand strength is ...... good, he is a madman, he might get any cards. In these cases, a madman's brand power range is very wide, and we do not even need to be a good card in the hands of the cover off.

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