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Texas Holdem skills (three) of cards before hanging betting tips
发布者:Leo Texas Holdem  发布时间:2013/5/23 13:47:00  阅读:91311

Suspended license before betting tips

How to live before hanging under a license, depending on what your cards are. We mentioned earlier, the same cards, there is an upper limit in no limit Texas Hold'em poker and the intensity is different. Small strength of the cards in Texas Hold'em no limit greatly improved.

Overall, no limit Texas Hold'em strong cards can be divided into three groups:

(1) Brand AA-22

(2) large suited connectors AK, AQ, AJ, KQ

(3) a large extraordinary suited connectors AK, AQ, KQ

In a rigorous game, novices should avoid playing some of the edge of the cards, these cards are easy to make because you are in a state of dilemma, let the opponent take advantage of, you grab your weaknesses to attack. Recommended for novice only play AA-22, AK, AQ stronger than teaching these cards, these cards generally do not make you into trouble. Of course, they only play the cards you need a very strong self-discipline, because most of the time you have to fold, can not enter the game. This benefit is relatively safe play safe, you have plenty of time to observe the research players at the same table, each person looking for weaknesses, when any one player bet when one spell can quickly come up with countermeasures.

on a half tight tables, each location into the game in the bottom of the bottom line requirements are as follows:

Determine their appropriate countermeasures according to the opponent's actions

If there are three or more players before you call a bet, but no one has raised, only your cards is very strong, like AA-JJ, AK, AQ, you have to raise, some marginal cards like JT, QJ with flowers just call, because this card if the players more profitable.

If you have a player raises before you, according to the raiser's playing characteristics determine themselves call, reraise, or fold. If the opponent is a strong player, either reraise or fold, generally not a simple call. If your cards for AA-JJ, AK, reraise, I hope that the opponent to fold, so to win the pot right away, other cards is best abandoned. If the opponent is a weak player, your cards as a pair, AK, AQ when, unless your position is very good, or else call for you to be more favorable in this case, hit the right license suspended, you can call the temptation to rival a step by step, so to win a very big pot. If you prematurely reraise, easily scared than the weaker opponent to fold out of the game, a waste of their capacity in this winning hand of cards.

Call or raise

If the cards for AA, KK, QQ, AKs, AQs, anywhere should raise.

In addition to these cards, other cards belong to the call card. Of course, when you are in late position, or in order to protect your blinds, no raise in front, when you judge everyone's cards are not very good, you can use the advantages of filling the position, steal bet. In no limit Texas Hold'em game, second-hand good cards can easily make you lose all bets.

Occasionally, the filling of the cards but with the next note, or usually just call it raises cards, confuse opponents for your observation and judgment, so that the opponent can not judge the strength of your hand cards according to your betting patterns, avoid become a predictable opponent.

Based on the above analysis, it can be bet on the principle of suspending a license before summarized as follows:

In most cases, if your cards as AA, KK, QQ, AKs, Aqs, you must raise reraise, the purpose is to make cards for small pairs or small suited connectors opponents fold, if these opponents want to get into the game to see the hanging cards, they will have to pay a relatively high price. Remember, if the opponent into the game with the note, and hanging signs on them are very beneficial, you bet, the opponent will usually raise, you raise, the opponent will usually reraise, this time, you must be especially careful, be able to do to reluctantly part, Brokeback help.

Only play strong cards, try to avoid playing marginal hands, these cards make it easy for you the edge in order to look at a common brand and continue to call, thus paying too high a price.

If you are in the top position, there would like to raise three times, add the amount of the big blind is generally, or about 80% of the pot, so if the player after you reraise, even if you fold loss not too much. If you have three or more players before the call to enter the game, you should raise the amount of 4-6 times the big blind, some just want to pay the big blind to see the suspended license opponent to fold.

Respect those rigorous offensive opponents, try to avoid one of these opponents bet.

If weak players into the game, you should consider the call to enter the game, remember, no limit Texas Hold'em game, you play your opponent instead of your cards, your opponent is what kind of player than your hands What kind of cards is more important.

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