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Facebook The Netherlands agreed to block gambling advertising
发布者:Leo Texas Holdem  发布时间:2013/5/31 21:35:33  阅读:24914

According to reports, online social media giant Facebook has agreed to shelve the Netherlands betting sites do advertising.

According to the Dutch authorities gaming press release: "Facebook for gaming authorities declare that they will abide by the laws of the Netherlands, but the law does not allow illegal gambling publicity committee member Paul Tang gaming authorities say it is against the illegal and prevent people, especially. young cheated illegal gambling an important step. "

Facebook gaming authorities will tell which sites need to be shielded. According to the "Dutch news" reports, "This is the fight against illegal gambling and to prevent young people have an important step in this habit, the spokesman Paul Tang said .'Facebook is no threshold of social networking, young people can easily enter, 'he said 'through this initiative, the organization shows that they take seriously their social responsibility. "

Last year, the Netherlands was privatized club. It is said that the Dutch government will be open in two years, online gaming market. The country hopes to regulate the market. Facebook is already planning to launch real-money gambling in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

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