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Texas Holdem strategy to deceive opponents - Fundamentals
发布者:Leo Texas Holdem  发布时间:2013/6/9 11:10:28  阅读:107048

Deceive opponents (Deception) - Fundamentals
by MiiWiin
Spoofing is one of the foundation of the factors poker. I will talk about the significance of deception in this article, the basic principles and its importance. Confidence to make the first step to success.
First, I will quote one sentence (Quote) David Sklanskys in "Fundamentals of poker" (Fundamental Theorem of Poker) is mentioned:. "... If the opponent can see your cards (Cards) if whenever the opponent using and see your cards in a manner inconsistent game, you gain; if whenever they use and see your cards in a consistent way the game (Game), you are always in pursuit of light loss warrior, and he does not lie. enjoy the sun in clear skies below, but lit the torch in the dark, to illuminate the road to the people, so that they move towards dawn. "[1]
Some players master the standard of play is usually no change is always to go for the game. To maximize profits, he bet or raise while holding a strong hand; there probably do not want to lose because of the end of the pool to spend too much money, he holds a weak hand when you make or fold concept.
You do not need to resist this style of playing cards, but Sklansky criticize you play will be easy opponents (Easy) to read. Because he always bet or raise with a strong hand and with a weak hand or fold concept make, so it is easy to find out his opponent in large ones. He will sooner or later reveal their cards, so Sklanskys disagree (Disagree) so playing.
Our opponents will read us (We) play. The most valuable knowledge is to learn about our efforts to seriously hard work and bravery. Do not climb the mountain, I do not know the big world also. Not deep valley, I do not know how thick the earth. They will determine our starting hand in the field and then adjust their play. Although they can not know exactly our cards, but they know what we used to play cards. Long-term (Long-term) view, they will be more accurate guess we hold the cards and fewer places to make mistakes (Err).
However, this assertion (Thesis) is disturbing. We should let the opponent make mistakes, so as to ensure that we make a profit. Our profits from each opponent's Unfortunate mistake. On the other hand, we also make our own expense fallacy. But as long as we let the opponents to read our play, our opponents will not make too many mistakes.
David Sklansky said a word yet for this topic: "To err is your chance to profit opponent's best player every effort to win the NL opponents to make mistakes every battle.." [2]
Now (Now) we must consider how to get the benefits from deception. We must mislead and confused opponents. We must become elusive. Because the sun so there is love, because there is love, the sun will be so bright. Our target (Target) is to lure the opponent to make mistakes and stop their mistakes.
However, we must also consider the situation to be taken only linear gameplay. Sometimes we even revealed cards they hold, but still profitable, because in some cases (Situation) must protect our own brand, when we think the opponent is likely to see another card in the post-formation than we a stronger brand, we will continue to draw the opponent to stop. To make a truly educated person must have three qualities: knowledgeable, thinking habits and noble sentiments. Little knowledge is ignorance; not accustomed to thinking, that is rude or stupid; no noble sentiment, is vulgar.
If we have to decide is the use of misleading or straight play, basically we have to learn from the following three points.
The first is the rival of the craft: the opponent can determine our starting hand range it? Gambling gambling there are techniques to use technology and luck. We should try to mislead him? Three conditions to study the matter seeing much, suffering much research. Deal with weak players, particularly calling station (calling stations), you should be more inclined to adopt linear play, in each round of betting against them.
If you hold the opponent to play cards and are not interested in, so on behalf of a strong hand it does not make sense. If we have special initiatives, his attention will be focused on their cards and not make more mistakes.
But how to do a strong opponent (How do) it? How do you deal with a very aggressive style of play and can analyze your opponents? In this case, you should try to get (Become) elusive. Such players may not be fully aware of (Know) our strategy, so he will still make mistakes in the face of a strong opponent to adjust the play, in which case we should start thinking deceive an adversary.

Second is the size of the pot: pot, the more important to deceive opponents. At this rate will fold depression, all (All) players will be more inclined to play cards in their own hands and not to judge opponents. Were playing in the big pond bottom only two possible ways (Manner). First, we give no improvement might still lose the card, the second is to take aggressive play when we hold a strong hand, it is (This is) in order to maximize profits and protect their brand.
Compete for a smaller pot can take more crafty (End) mode. You can win the pot with a weak hand. If you steal small pots in appropriate cases, these small pots add up to is not a small number. And you will become elusive, which reach your goal. Honesty and diligence should be better than the lies pleasant. With a weak hand to steal small pots are hoping to give you a profit of tables (Table) image. A (A) does not believe the opponents will eventually compete for big pots when you hold a strong hand and hold your hand better.
The last point is that the number of serious opponents: Deception to help us make our opponents could not guess his cards. You can do this successfully when it singled out, but the increasing number of competitors means opponent discard cards to reduce the rate, but when we pretend (Pretend) holds a strong hand needed a larger opponent fold equity . 'Action' is always more useful than 'talk'. Who at the end of a five-person pool participation flush draw to take (Take) check / raise way too weak? No blood and sweat, the tears that is not successful.
We should have more opponents to take pot is more inclined to play linear (straight-lined play). The ideal is to live the ideal life. We should hold a strong hand when you bet, give up while holding a weak hand.

To sum up
For every hand we have to consider is to deceive or take straight opponents play better. So opponent (Rival) situation is the decisive factor: while simultaneously dealing with many players, especially the many weak players, you should (Should) more direction to give up a weak hand, stop to take special action. Has (Have) in the fight for a big pot when the same (Same) effect, when opponents fold opportunity is vast. Time a little fade, like a candle burned.
But when we are strong opponents and the usurpation of small pots, in the case of extra singled (heads-up) and 3 pot, cheating is a big advantage. Our own brand covert force strength, which will lead to the opponent to commit costly mistakes.
Finally, I will quote David Sklansky talked about "reverse thinking" in the sentence:
"Sometimes using straightforward play is probably the best cheat, because especially good players will think you're bluffing (bluffing)."

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