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Texas Poker Strategy: How to use pot odds to determine whether they should call
发布者:Leo Texas Holdem  发布时间:2013/7/10 13:15:11  阅读:96126

Learn how to use pot odds can add a very useful weapon for your poker arsenal. The basic concept is fundamentally decide you become a poker winner or loser.

This article aims to explain how the odds ratio to use, and how to integrate it into your game. From head to tail reading this article will not be more than 10 minutes, but will save (and win) for the rest of your poker career more money.

What are pot odds?

In simple terms, pot odds issues involved, when you take a draw, you can take advantage of the odds ratio to determine whether or win a bet or raise sorted note.

So when holding a flush or straight draw, you can bet the amount of the face, the use of pot odds to calculate the call or fold. Is so convenient.

In Texas Hold'em you'll run into a familiar scenario: you hold two suited cards, flop two cards of the same suit. This is known in poker flush draw, sometimes also called "four flush." We use the following example to learn the use of pot odds.

Calculating pot odds

In Texas Hold'em, calculate pot odds There are two kinds of methods.

1 ratio. 2 percentage.

Two ways to obtain the same results, so you can choose according to their preferences.

Ratio method to calculate pot odds is the most common method, but I am concerned, when I first calculate pot odds, I find it easier to grasp the percentage method.

1) ratio method

Most of the books and the forum will be represented by the ratio of the format pot odds, so familiar with this calculation method and use pot odds ratio is worth it.

Your cards:


Now suppose that you and your opponent leftover pot 2. There are $ 80 in the pot, the opponent bets $ 20. How do you do?

1] computing "into the card odds."

You first need to calculate the likelihood of hearts turn came. There are many ways to calculate, but the most popular method is to find out what we do not want the card and the card rate you want appears on the desktop.

• The Board now has five known cards: two cards and three of our flop. • We do not know the remaining 47 cards. • In this 47 cards, there are nine to complete our flush, 38 can not. • The results indicate that with the ratio 38: 9, or about equal to 4: 1.

2] and the pot odds are compared

Now know that the next card hit Hearts odds of 4: 1. That is five times in four times miss, once you can hit. Next, we must follow the number of the pot and the number we are faced with the same bet to calculate odds ratios.

• opponent bets $ 20 to $ 80 in the pot, so the pot expanded to $ 100. • That we have to call $ 20 a chance to win $ 100. • odds for $ 100: $ 20, that pot odds of 5: 1.

And so ......

A card odds: 4: 1 pot odds: 5: 1

This means that we should call, because the success we have received from the pot is greater than our next hit flush card odds. In the long run, we win money than lose more money.

Remember! Only when the pot odds greater than "a brand odds" (complete possibility of a draw) when to call.

If you feel a brand in the minds of calculating odds are too time-consuming (especially for beginners), you can use the odds charts (odds chart). Stick them next to the computer print out, the next time will be very convenient reference.

2) the percentage method

When just beginning to learn pot odds, I found the percentage method is more simple. However, its use is generally not as good as the ratio method.

For the percentage method, I want to fit straight draw examples.

Your cards: flop: The opponent bets $ 30, the pot expanded to $ 90. We can as a percentage of pot odds to determine whether the call.

1] computing "into the card odds" In order to calculate the chance of the next card to complete a straight, we also need to draw outs (outs refers to the completion of a draw card, in this case needs to be done straight). A total of 4 5 and 4 10 to complete a straight, because we have a total of eight outs. In order to calculate the percentage of under-card straight complete, simply doubling the number of outs, then add 1.

• "into the card odds" • Percentage outs multiplied by 2: 8x 2 = 16 • plus 1 = 16 + 1 = 17% • 17% of the opportunity to complete a straight

2] and the pot odds are compared

Opponent bets $ 30, making the pot expanded to $ 90. That we have to call $ 30, have a chance to win $ 120.

As you can see, we have to add our own bet on the total number in order to obtain the size of the pot at the end of the pool. This is important, because the percentage of $ 30 in $ 90 and $ 30 in the percentage of $ 120 in completely different. Use basic math, we have come to $ 30 is $ 120 for 25 percent.

And so ......

A card odds: 17% pot odds: 25%

We calculated that the next card to complete a straight 17% chance, that we can only call 17% of the pot. But according to the pot odds we must call 25%, so it should fold. If you call it, in the long run we are losing money.

Remember! Only when the percentage of completion of cards is more than you have to when you bet with the percentage of the pot to call.

A million cards odds ratio odds charts (odds chart) can also be found.

Question: if the next two cards have no hair, why only under a license calculating odds?

Good question. If we in the flop flush draw, we have completed the turn hands of the best success ratio of about 4: 1, or 20%. However, since we flop, and there are two cards instead of a card is not issued, then "into the card odds" is not but should be 2: 1, or 40% of it?


The answer is no. This is one of the biggest players in the use of the wrong pot odds when committed.


When calculating pot odds, the odds are you with the current pot size (and bet amount) and lower than the formation of the possibility of a draw-card complete comparison. If you want to calculate the next two cards to complete the draw odds, you have to pay when you turn the pot money is counted.

Because they can not accurately estimate the money when we may need to turn to pay, so the only time a card is more simple and reliable computing. In this way, you will not last much more than you pay for when you flop holding a draw should pay.

There is only one case, you should calculate the next two after the completion of the best cards in hand odds (eg flush draw when odds are 2: 1 instead of 4: 1): When your only opponent flop full pressure. In this case, you can guarantee that when the turn will not encounter another bet, because the opponent has no money to bet.

To sum up

While the first contact with pot odds may feel a bit difficult, but this is the most basic poker math applications. If you listen to the licensing decision is based on pot odds, whether it can win the hand, in the long run, you win all the mathematical calculations. In addition to determine whether the matter sorted note, the pot odds can decide how much you should bet to "protect" his hand. If you think the opponent is a flush, and that they have the best hand, you should bet a large enough number of opponents to get the right note with the odds. Again, regardless of whether the opponent to win the hand, in the long run, they lose, you are to win.

Note: The examples in this article use pot odds ratio is when you've seen the flop, turn waiting time. When you turn in the river waiting for the same operation can also be applied, because odds are almost the same. But you have to remember, because you already know what the turn, and when calculating the odds when you want to subtract an unknown brand.

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