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AKK poker analyzer,Guangzhou winner Holdem tables
发布者:Leo Texas Holdem  发布时间:2013/9/27 14:43:05  阅读:156156

Latest AKK single analyzer market it! ! Alice cards can also be reported to Oh! ! AKK analyzer host more than five hours of electricity, heterosexual card with Bluetooth (distance up to 6 meters), you can download movies, listen to music, play games, you can dynamically capture crooked, ramps, arches, etc., before looking away fifteen cards cm, stable performance, than similar AKK analyzer products, the industry's only able to achieve ISO9001 quality testing standards. Agents can look at the supply side of the lens module independent production. Function: Any poker, any bad environment, any play can be automatically reported to the size of each card, points, color, etc., and acting freely. Suitable for playing two sheets (pairs), three (Golden, Excellencies), four (Pai), five (Stud), thirteen games are played throughout the country, according to the requirements of the country play programming, is each player super killer.

2013 listing of the latest one-man operation AKK AKK analyzer analyzer, this one-man operation analyzer is a scanner to break the world record, breaking the previous generation of single-person operation profilers, due to previous profilers just one can analyze poker host, not any other function, a cell phone looks very dull. And our latest AKK single operation analyzer is not the case, it not only looks elegant, beautiful, fashionable appearance looked like a MP4, AKK can brand with your playing midnight, songs that come out, so ferocious people who see you suspect cheating, as usual be able to come to the movies, simple, generous a AKK single operation profilers can not only make you invincible on the battlefield, it is the perfect companion for your entertainment and leisure .
AKK analyzer best advantage: No matter how our poker, Alice, how to put it like just one second can automatically analyze the size of the poker through invisible ear reported to you. Appropriate parts of the country play. AKK is the latest listing of a poker entertainment products, would like a better understanding of the product can be personal friends to the company to see the goods, try goods.

Texas desktop main material for plywood, waterproof fire resistant.
Thick sponge pad for desktop, covered professional flannel, Draw feel very good.
Tablecloths replaceable, easy removal.
Tablecloths and runway flush, seamless, professional approach.
Professional retardant waterproof cloth, all kinds of colors can be customized customer LOGO.
Imported PU leather armrest bit Hemming (usually black dark coffee color beige, other colors are optional striae)

Ashtray according to the runway or on the wooden side of the foreskin on the armrests can also be customized without ashtrays no runway.
Desktop runway for fire board, more wear-resistant (anti-cigarette anti chips in contact with the runway friction)
Makers bit LCG disc or no yards, Zhuodi can draw water tank (single or double only)
Table weighs about 150 kg, (+ hit the wooden frame corrugated packaging)
Guests can request a custom pattern; H can choose beautiful feet, dynamic tiger feet, or high-grade steel legs do not repair; flannel colors and outside PU foreskin can have many choices, you are welcome to customize!
Desk items belonging to categories (need to play wooden protection) costs incurred, including shipping charges table by the logistics company to the buyer.

Our new development of a poker table, with premium PU bag edge, wood H legs, high-end electronic and digital tablecloths, there is a special waterproof and flame retardant after special treatment, to reduce the frequency of replacement of tablecloths, high-grade copper Coke Cup 10 with blue, red tablecloth two, number 4 for the crown LOGO. Our poker tables there are other styles that can be chosen according to your preferences.

Guangzhou Leo Entertainment is a production of goods Hold'em, Baccarat supplies based entertainment products suppliers, products are exported overseas. Operated by the company's products include Texas Hold'em tables, baccarat tables, chips, Texas Hold'em equipment, Texas Hold'em single analyzer, akk analyzer, Texas poker chips, electronic single-baccarat, Macau electronic color cup, US Small bee poker, poker shuffling machines, baccarat boots, roulette tables, blackjack tables,, dragon Taiwan, Sic Bo size units, etc., as long as some of us have a market, the market is not that we have here and provide all Texas Hold'em and Baccarat supplies related products solutions consulting, planning and design, custom development and other value-added services through high-tech baccarat supplies which are widely used in entertainment, to provide efficient, advanced, convenient, comfort, environmental protection, health, entertainment environment. The company has always insisted on professional, innovative spirit, has been leading peers, we have been imitated, never surpassed!

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